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Hearts Solo app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1872 ratings )
Games Card
Developer: Allen Brunson
Current version: 4.3.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 24 Jun 2009
App size: 4.23 Mb

The classic card game Hearts. You play solo against three "robot" players.

Most card movements are animated. Hearts rules enforced are exhaustive and complete. Scores are displayed hand-by-hand, showing progress over time. Very configurable. Saves your game between runs of the program. Robot players are pretty good.

Latest reviews of Hearts Solo app for iPhone and iPad

Desperately needing landscape mode
Pros: Clean interface. Pretty good computer opponents. Cons: Difficult to select the correct card when there are more than 10 cards next to each other. Also need bigger sweet spot for the "Play" button as I sometimes need to hit it more than once to trigger the button.
Cards are a little difficult to select and play at first, but this gets better after a few games. The skill level of the Bots is quite good. Landscape mode to allow for larger card faces would help a lot.
Game nerfed!
new update tries to force u to buy this game with constant game resets. Will definately not be updating.
Great game, Dirty developer tricks
Giving away a game for free and then taking it back to force upgrading? I dont think so. Ive played over 500 games of Hearts with this app and loved it, but making the game from a fully featured free version to a crippled demo version just to cash in guarantees that Im looking for a new Hearts app. Id be fine with in-game ads and reminders to upgrade, but forcing me out of games as a way to make me pay the developer leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. If youre willing to pay for it, the paid version is probably great, but dont bother with this free one, youll just feel ripped off.
This game is buttpubes.
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