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Desperately needing landscape mode

Pros: Clean interface. Pretty good computer opponents. Cons: Difficult to select the correct card when there are more than 10 cards next to each other. Also need bigger sweet spot for the "Play" button as I sometimes need to hit it more than once to trigger the button.


Cards are a little difficult to select and play at first, but this gets better after a few games. The skill level of the Bots is quite good. Landscape mode to allow for larger card faces would help a lot.

Game nerfed!

new update tries to force u to buy this game with constant game resets. Will definately not be updating.

Great game, Dirty developer tricks

Giving away a game for free and then taking it back to force upgrading? I dont think so. Ive played over 500 games of Hearts with this app and loved it, but making the game from a fully featured free version to a crippled demo version just to cash in guarantees that Im looking for a new Hearts app. Id be fine with in-game ads and reminders to upgrade, but forcing me out of games as a way to make me pay the developer leaves a very sour taste in my mouth. If youre willing to pay for it, the paid version is probably great, but dont bother with this free one, youll just feel ripped off.


This game is buttpubes.

Dirty tricks from the developer

Ive had this app for AGES. It was updated two days ago and now its just a demo version. I didnt know it until midway through the third hand the game closed and I was informed via dialog box that I had to upgrade to Hearts Net for the full version ... for $2.99. No thanks. I feel ripped off.

New Update...

Im not installing it. I refuse to have my games ended and restarted randomly because you want my money. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME

Was a great game before the last update

I loved this app and played it all the time. The recent update wants to cripple this game and turn the game into a demo. Why would I ever install this update? Im really dissapointed.

Dont download

Dont bother to download this app. After you play a few hands it stops and directs you to Hearts Net - I suggest you dont buy that app due to the false pretense that this game is offered under. This app should be removed from the app store or at least indicate its real functionality (or lack thereof).

Demo, not a real game

At some point the app became just a demo. Now it is no longer playable. Pitty...


My vote for worst "upgrade" of the year award, terrible background, quits unexpectedly, wants you to pay $3


Only plays half a game then informs you that you need to buy "hearts net". Game is fine but dont waste your time.

Worst Upgrade Ever

Dont waist you time Dont Upgrade


I agree with everyone else. It was good when it was free, but this "upgrade" is BS.

Game stinks

Agree with all other reviews. Short sighted decision by developer to limit game play. I give it a zero.

I give it a zero.

Free game was great. Upgrade was a fraud. I too will never buy from this developer again. Apple should ban its future apps.

Bait & Switch

Plays a couple of hands and then tells you that you need to buy another app. Lame.


Play a few hands and you have to pay to play more. Will not buy from this developer again.

Trial only!!!

Only lets you play three hands before kicking you off to buy his paid app! Works well, and may even be worth three bucks, but this deceitful "FREE" app means he wont be getting my money.

New update....new rating....

When I originally got this app months ago, it was so fun that I gave it 5 stars. With the recent update...Im revising my rating down to a 1 star. Its only a "teaser" that lets you play a little bit, then interrupts the game to force you to buy their $2.99 app (definitely not worth it) or you cant continue to play. So....I bailed out & will delete this app. I guess times are tough even for these developers but if there isnt a warning before you download the app...there should be. THIS IS NOT A TRUE FREE app as other free apps...its only a little sample to give you a taste before you have to purchase their app or close out. Ill look elsewhere & may decide to purchase another one that isnt sneaky like this recent update. Too bad. It was fun while it lasted.

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